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La Moda offers many services.  Use the Search Section to Type in Service Name (ex:  Haircut).  If the service you are requesting is not listed, please call the salon.  All prices are subjected to change.

La Moda Salon:  (713) 382-2151

Hair Cuts / Styling


Color Treatments& Hair Treatments


Hair Extensions & Extension Treatments


Blow Dry with Extensions$65.00 (and up)Balayage$275.00 (and up)Babe ExtensionsCall for Price
Blow Drys Only$50.00 (and up)Bleach-Out$100.00 (and up)Bellami Hair ExtensionsCall for Price
Boy’s Haircuts$28.00 (and up)Brazillian Keratin Straightening Treatment$140.00 (and up)Bohyme ExtensionsCall for Price
Bridal Updo$250.00 (and up)Color KitsPricing Varies-AskBombshell ExtensionsCall for Price
Express Blow-Out$150.00 (and up)Conditioning Treatment$10.00 (and up)Extension Replacement$275.00 (and up)
Formal Style$55.00 (and up)Corrective Color$200.00 (and up)Extension TakeOut$75.00 (and up)
Girl Haircuts
(Dry & Style)
$40.00(and up)Deep Conditioning Treatment$50.00 (and up)Extension Treatment$25.00 (and up)
Hair Piece Shampoo$50.00 (and up)Detox Mask$25.00 (and up)Glam Seamless ExtensionsCall for Price
Kid’s Haircuts-9 and under
(Dry & Style)
$35.00 (and up)Filler$70.00 (and up)Handtied ExtensionsCall for Price
MakeUp$75.00 (and up)Gloss Treatment$50.00 (and up)Handtied Extensions Move Up$500.00 (and up)
Men’s Haircuts
(Dry & Style)
$48.00 (and up)Keratherapy$80.00 (and up)Hot Heads Hair ExtensionsCall for Price
Shampoo$10.00 (and up)Keratin Ampule50.00 (and up)True Match Hair ExtensionsCall for Price
Teenager’s Haircuts
(Dry & Style)
$65.00 (and up)Kevin Murphy Color$100.00.00 (and up)Microlines Mini$150.00 (and up)
Up Dos$85.00 (and up)Kevin Murphy Root Touch-up$100.00 (and up)Microlines Move Up$295.00 (and up)
Women’s Haircuts Only
(no Dry & Style)
$65.00 (and up)Long Hair Highlights$185.00 (and up)Microlines Removal$75.00 (and up)
Women’s Haircuts
(Dry & Style)
$75.00 (and up)Medium Hair Highlights$170.00 (and up)
Men’s Highlights$90.00 (and up)
Non Kevin Murphy Root Touch-up$90.00 (and up)
Ombre$285.00 (and up)
Organic Color$100.00 (and up)
Perm$115.00 (and up)
Scalp Treatment$35.00 (and up)
Short Hair Highlights$150.00 (and up)
Smoothing Treatments$375.00 (and up)
Toning with Shine$35.00 (and up)